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Monitor your dog’s itch and see how well CYTOPOINT™ is working

Track your dog’s itch relief with CYTOPOINT

Keep track of your dog’s itch after the CYTOPOINT injection until your return visit to the veterinarian. This will help your veterinarian decide how often your dog will need to return for treatment.

Using the Itch Tracker, keep a record of how much your dog’s itching has improved. When you return to the veterinarian, bring along the chart and discuss the treatment results you have recorded. Be sure to mention when you noticed your dog’s itch became worse again.

How to use the Itch Tracker

WEEK 1: For the first week, rate your dog’s itching daily based on the itch rating definitions shown below.

WEEKS 2-8: Starting in the second week, rate your dog’s itch only once a week, on the same day of the week.

Place a dot in the appropriate column aligned with the number that best describes the dog’s itching. When the dots are connected, you and your veterinarian will see how your dog’s itching has decreased over the course of treatment and how long your dog’s CYTOPOINT treatment lasted.

Itch Tracker

Click on the image of the Itch Tracker for a downloadable PDF

How to rate your dog’s itch

Extremely severe itching

Dog is scratching, chewing, licking almost continuously. Itching practically never stops, regardless of what else is happening around the dog.

Severe itching

Prolonged episodes of itching when the dog is awake. Itching occurs at night, and also when eating, playing, exercising or when otherwise distracted.

MODERATE itching

Regular episodes of itching when the dog is awake. Itching may occur at night and wake the dog. No itching when eating, playing, exercising or being distracted.

MILD itching

Moderately frequent episodes of itching. There may be occasional episodes of itching at night. No itching when sleeping, eating, playing, exercising or being distracted.

VERY MILD itching

Occasional episodes of itching. The dog is slightly more itchy than before the problem began.

Normal dog

Itching is not a problem.

Indication: CYTOPOINT aids in the reduction of clinical signs associated with atopic dermatitis in dogs.

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